“It really felt like I was born all over again”

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I n the United States today, there’s approximately 2,500 juvenile lifers, or inmates who were admitted into the prison system in adolescence with life sentences (most often for murder) and without the possibility of parole. Just over 500 of them live in Pennsylvania alone, making it the most draconian of any state towards young offenders. This high juvenile lifer population is owed to a mandatory life sentencing statute for juvenile murderers that existed until 2012, when the Supreme Court struck down such sentencing practices as unconstitutional in Miller v. Alabama.

Many states hesitated to extend Miller retroactively to those already…

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200,000 people stood silent for six minutes and twenty seconds.

Emma Gonzalez was a survivor of the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas just a month and a half before. Yesterday, wearing a military-style jacket and close-cropped hair, she led the silent repose across the Capitol and in full view of the world.

Her silence spoke louder than any polemic at the D.C. rally. …

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One year after the inaugural Women’s March, the message remains the same, but with an eye towards broader inclusivity and goals for the future of progressivism.

In a rally staged in front of the Lincoln Memorial Saturday morning, a sampling of the Democratic Party’s most public faces, including DNC chairman Tom Perez, Minority Leader Nancie Pelosi and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, delivered impassioned speeches calling for a broader unification of feminist interests across demographics, including women of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

Documenting Hate is a collaborative effort headed by the investigative non-profit ProPublica, aiming to catalog hate crimes in 2017. The project includes an all-star team of heavy-hitting collaborators, such the New York Times, Google News Labs, WNYC and more. In addition to a potent body of investigative reporting, the project touts a publicly-available dataset consisting of thousands of stories from an array of news organizations across the nation, ranging from local news stations to special interest outlets to national publications. This is presumably the same data that backs their front-end application.

The dataset isn’t perfect — some events are duplicated…

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