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Baldwin’s Trump has been amazing. They’ve absolutely annihilated him. Comparing it to Fey’s Palin is kind of the cliche SNL criticism. “Not as good as it used to be.”

Yes it is! Baldwin is like a political cartoon caricature come to life. The physicality he brings to it blows away anything Fallon or Hammond have done. So he’s basically doing a Donald, plus 10%. Which is plenty. That’s the point. Baldwin’s punch lines seeming only slightly ruder or more vulgar then what the Donald says is underlining what a nutjob this guy is. We only have to SLIGHTLY change how he acts or what he says and we are already way past the bounds of basic human decency let alone appropriate behavior for the highest office in the land.

Personally I find watching the debates kind of stressful. He is just very hard to watch, but the Baldwin impersonations have been a huge release.