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Just as a side note to how generally inept the Spanos’s Chargers are. Almost every good player they have ever had has held out from them and it not greedy players, which is strangely what the media and fans default to. It’s that ninny Spanos. Phil Rivers, Antonio Gates, Joey Bosa, Marcus McNeill, Brandon Williams, Shawne Merriman, Eric Weddle, Vincent Jackson..I think there’s more but I don’t want to look it up. Twice, the holdouts cost the Chargers a playoff appearance.

In 2005, Antonio Gates held out. They suspended him for the home opener. A close loss to a Dallas team they were better than. They missed the playoffs by one game.

In 2010 they used the expiring CBA clauses to totally bone over Vincent Jackson. He held out for 11 games and was inactive for one other. They went 3–1 with him, and 6–6 without him. Missing the playoffs by one game.

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