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That has to be the worst ever effort right? With a healthy Kawhi, the Rockets and Spurs had proven to be pretty evenly matched through five games. I can’t comprehend how they’d lose by 39 at home in an elimination game without Kawhi. A game where they had a chance to even the series.

Sometimes extreme blowouts happen in elimination games. The Celtics beat the Lakers by 39 in game 6 of the 2008 Finals. But the Lakers had been fighting uphill that whole series. They were down 2–0, 3–1 . Game 6 was in Boston. And in game 6, they just got overwhelmed by peak performances from HOFers like KG and Ray Allen. It’s a little easier to see how the Lakers would have lost hope. I don’t get how the Rockets would be overwhelmed by Lamarcus Aldridge and Jonathan Simmons?

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