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The Sixers owners become frustrated watching the Colangelo Family Basketball Show prove unable to drum up any kind of market for 2015 3rd overall pick Jahlil Okafor and fire them. They decide to tap back into the “Outside the Box” GM market and hire Emmett “Doc” Brown. He, Okafor and his assistant GM Martin McFly travel back in time to 1986 when Okafor’s skillset was relevant.

Coming off a surprisingly competitive 2nd round loss to the Lakers, coach/GM Dick Motta is eager to pair his stars Rolando Blackman and Mark Aguirre with a franchise C. He offers Derek Harper, Detlef Schremp, Sam Perkins and the draft rights to Mark Price for Okafor. “He’s got Moses size and McHale’s post moves!”

Back in 2017 Doc Brown describes the trade as a huge win, “All these players were ahead of their time in shooting and skill. The hardest part was fitting everyone in a Delorean and not getting Price and McFly confused.” In lumbers 76ers owner Jahlil Okafor! He won multiple championships and then became one of the richest men in America investing in Microsoft in the 90’s, Google and Apple in the 2000's. Despite his success he fires Doc Brown for having to live through the fist Bush Administration. “It all just kind of sucked and was boring. I’ve had, ‘I’ve got my mind set on you’ stuck in my head for almost 30 years now. The best movie in ’88 was that first Keaton Batman movie. You seen it recently? Doesn’t really hold up. Anyways, I bought the Sixers just to fire you!”

“Great Scott!” said, Doc. “Marty, we have to go back in time” Or the future, or something. They end up doing basically the same thing a couple more times, with each time being a little less interesting.

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