The Donald Himself

The Great Prophet: Donald Trump

“Dear Lord, What did he just say?”

Believe me, I know how this looks. A black man arguing that Donald Trump somehow has positive qualities. It’s not what you think, you’ll just have to trust me on that and continue reading. Trust me, you (hopefully) won’t regret it.

Donald Trump is America’s messiah. His presence in the 2016 Presidential cycle has spurned a cultural civil war like we’ve never experienced in our history as a country. It’s more than just a clash of personalities, November will decide our fate as a country. The trajectory of the United States of America will forever be changed on November 8, 2016.

Donald Trump has awakened a great beast that we believed had been extinct or at least dormant for the last fifty years. Many Americans seem to believe that the Civil Rights Movement marked the end of racism in America, or at least on a massive scale. After that era, a great number of Americans believed that the deep seated racism that existed for hundreds of years prior simply vanished and all was well in America and that we simply got along after that.

Yes, there are people that naive, however it’s hard to blame them considering what is taught in schools and the way American society seems to treat racism. It’s treated similarly to the way Germany treats it’s Nazi past. It’s not talked about much, and simply swept under the rug. It’s labeled as the “past” and left there. It’s believed that because there are laws supposedly in place to prevent racist practices and racist actions on a federal level. Then obviously there’s no possible way that racism could exist. There’s no way that someone could discriminate against a black woman applying for a job right? We have affirmative action! Right? It’s the same mentality that leads to #AllLivesMatter spitting in the face of #BlackLivesMatter. Our post-racial America couldn’t possibly still experience the same toxic racism we had back in the sixties! That’s nonsense!

It’s this, willfully blind, willfully ignorant attitude that allows racism to continue to exist. White Americans who proclaim to be “colorblind” continue to allow racists to harbor those thoughts and feelings and never call them out on those sentiments. They have white friends who will spout racist nonsense and do or say nothing to get them to stop, unless there’s a black friend around, and sometimes, many times not even then.

Back to Trump. Trump’s rise to power is the needle that popped that bubble. His vitriolic rhetoric has brought rise to a new form of White Power and revealed the cultural filth that festered underneath our new “post-racial” America. Trump took his orange wrinkled hands and tore back the blanket of delusion that America willfully put itself under. Now America has to come face to face with the ignored, often-chastised and bitter stepchild that we tried to pretend didn’t exist. There’s a war coming, we may be fighting that war now. There are no guns, at least not on a mass scale, not yet. This war will be fought here, on the internet, in media. Trump is the instigator yes, but all he did was remove the curtain. What happens next is on us.