Why Me?

"Get thee hence, Satan; deceive me not…" — Moses 1 : 16


Why me?

I have enough ability to get through the challenges. If this didn’t happen to me, then no one will ever be able to overcome those setbacks.


Satan always tries to deceive people. He even tried to deceive the great Prophet Moses. In books of Moses, Moses tried to cast Satan out 3 times, but all returned in vain. Only when Moses cried with the name of Jesus Christ, he succeeded. It is important to recognize that we cannot remove evils with our own power. I believe that Moses might be thinking why Satan came unto him. He did fear, too! Humans are not almighty, and that’s the reason why we came down to this Earth to learn how to face the temptations and the fears. However, His doctrine has taught us that He loves each of us, and He believes in each of us. Why me? Because He trusts us and gives us power that we can overcome those wickedness. If we know He loves us, we should believe that we can do it!

  1. Each of us has enough capabilities to endure the pressure.
  2. He will always love us.

Challenges are everywhere in our own life. Not just spiritual, but also material. When challenges came, I usually think about “why this happened to me,” but when happiness came, I rarely think about the reason why. Trying to something I never done before. I fear. Taking a national exam. I fear. Walking alone in darkness. I fear. Asking a girl out. I fear, too!

Why me? Why do I need to overcome all these things? There is no correct answers for that question. Then, why not try to be a little bit more optimistic? Be a little be more confident? "Only me can do this!"




我相信我不會是唯一一個總是在想「為什麼又是我」的人,上課時發呆想著,問了很多人他們也都沒寫過部落格!?想想我也能算是運氣不錯吧 XD能有機會來亂寫亂寫,會遇到這種作業也許是代表我比較會掰 !?

我自己基本上是從來沒有在讀部落格的... 親自做過之後才知道,真的有難 !希望能夠和大家交流交流 !

有人問我為何要中英文都打而且還內容不一樣 ? 因為要推廣中文這樣我以後就不用學英文了 :PPPP




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