The Opportunity of a Lifetime

I took my first computer apart when I was in the first grade. When my mom got home from work I was counting the pins on the bottom of the CPU and I swear I could see steam coming out of her ears. I also put my first computer back together in the first grade. I’ve been obsessed with technology for most of my life, I just wasn’t aware that it was something I could make a career out of until much later.

After high school I joined the Navy, and became a cryptologic technician (security clearance and everything). I was working with UHF/VHF antennas, Unix systems, and I was the only person in my unit that would get excited for maintenance. I decided when I got out of the Navy that I was going to go to school for computer programming. While I was going to school, I landed a freelance position developing multiple websites for a restaurant group. Working with food started to become an interest and I was offered a job as a line cook. I was killing it in the kitchen and eventually started to pursue it full-time.

I have been working in the restaurant industry for about 7 years now. I am amazing at what I do, but I have always felt that something was missing. I jumped back into programming and have been building websites for my family and friends. I find more satisfaction in building websites than I do in cooking. I now know that I want to work in web development.

During my search for a coding school, I came across Holberton School. Named after Frances Elizabeth Holberton, one of the 6 programmers of the ENIAC, the school focuses on both project-based and peer learning. Over the course of the program, students are given increasingly difficult challenges with limited direction on how to solve them. The tech industry is a perpetually evolving world, so Holberton focuses on teaching students to learn how to learn instead of just learning how to use frameworks and tools.

The greatest asset that a software developer can have in a continuously changing industry is adaptability. Holberton School is the best fit for me because of their unique project-based and peer learning curriculum, which breeds versatility. On one hand, I get the opportunity to work with others who share my passion for development. On the other, I get to work on projects that cover a wide range of languages, systems, and platforms. Both experiences will successfully prepare me to work in any environment. I need a strong foundation to achieve my goals and I strongly believe I can find that at Holberton School.