How Technology Impacts Children’s Development
Dhruvin Patel, MCOptom

Your list of negative affects that technology can have on children is interesting. Though I may not have children, I have nieces and nephews who I see developing the bad habit of using their parents’ phones whenever they get bored. I wasn’t aware that there were so many factors that play into the well-being of children that are affected by over-use of technology.

I agree that while there are many negative affects, technology can still be useful if used properly. I think one of the main problems with technology is a point you touched on; children (and people in general) use it for hours on end, or are using it in small sessions that add up to hours throughout the day. If children can be taught and disciplined to use technology sparingly, they would still have time for many of the other activities that they would otherwise miss. Thank you for your article!

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