My Biggest Small Contribution to DoorDash

In the second to last week of my internship at DoorDash, I wanted to do something fun. So this happened:

A little backstory: the first part of that exchange actually did happen between my boss and I, and I took some liberty with the rest of it. I asked my boss if I could write the next update’s release note, and he agreed to send me the credentials to change it.

“Yeah sure, do whatever you want.”
“Thanks, boss. With great power comes great responsibility.” (I didn’t actually say this).

So I started searching for release note inspiration (side note: Medium’s release notes are incredible). An hour later, I came up with a little story that incorporated my love for Team DoorDash, copy and pasted it into the next release note, and didn’t think too much about it. It was pretty informal and low key — apart from asking another intern for a quick proofread (thanks dan), only my boss knew about this and he was on vacation — so there wasn’t really any approval process or anything (oops).

The next Monday morning (which happened to also be my birthday), a friend messaged me, and thus started my one day of mini DoorDash fame:

thanks josh for a great birthday present — appreciation

Some reactions at DoorDash:

mini fame at doordash for a day
an email from the NYC general manager to my boss, my boss’ boss, and my boss’ boss’ boss (the CTO)
happy customer helping me get a promotion, and putting a smile on my face

Some nice reactions on Twitter:

ignore the last review

This small, seemingly trivial thing I did led to one of my most memorable days working at DoorDash. Different people from around the company recognized me as the release notes intern, and it’s become a fun little story to tell that I’m proud of.

I think it’s always great to be proactive and try doing things outside the traditional realm of a software engineering intern. Often times, it’s these small things that make work and life enjoyable.