My Middle School Campaign Speech

Recently I was cleaning up my Google Drive, and I came across a file named “Speech”, dated October 5, 2011. It was my campaign speech for the position of Redwood Middle School treasurer. I feel like I forgot this part of my life even happened, so it was fun reading through this again. I can almost recall nervously sitting on stage waiting to give this speech, and then perfectly delivering the little joke remark at the end of the first paragraph.

Hi, my name is Spencer Yen. Three years ago I had a dream, to be in the Redwood Middle School Student Council. Each candidate for each office is to deliver a speech. But there is something different about this speech. What is different? What is special? My name, Spencer Yen, in Japanese, is Spencer Money.
So first of all, let me assert my firm belief that one of the only things we have do to make the school a better place is to make changes in the way we deal with money. Money is not a simple thing. Money is the basis of our lives. Money should not be treated nonchalantly. We must spend and deal with our valuable money wisely.
The school is very different now. The class of 2011 has advanced and continued into a new school. The new wave of the class of 2014 has arrived. Exactly what changes do we need to make? That fact is not for myself to establish. I cannot explain to you that I want x or y. The students are different. The students are opinionated. The students are everything. No matter what changes are made, there must be no mistakes or miscommunication in the calculations of money given to the school.
What I am here to tell you is that I am not running for office to make my own decisions, but running to make your money useful. The problems currently hanging around in the school cannot be resolved by one group of students.
We, united as one school must work together to make an environment that is helpful, courteous, obedient, clean, trustworthy, and proud. And I, Spencer Yen must do my part in making sure expenses do not exceed revenue.
And so, my fellow students, ask not what the school can buy for you; ask what you can contribute to your school. Let us create the best year Redwood has ever gone through. Let us vote Spencer Yen for Treasurer.

I won the election, and I think I did a fine job as the Redwood Middle School treasurer.

Thanks, JFK, for the speech writing help.