Massive fires have spread throughout The Amazon Rainforest over the last 3 weeks. Not only are these fires devastating for the human, plant, and animal lives of the region, the fires themselves product increased greenhouse gasses, furthering the impact of climate change.

So, how can you help? We’ve highlighted 5 organizations focused on preserving and defending the rainforest. If you want to automatically donate your spare change to one of these organizations, go to and get started today!

The Amazon Conservation Team

According to, we are currently living through the largest period of species extinction in the last 60 million years. While concentrated efforts over the last half century have helped slow extinction (notably, the giant panda was declared no longer endangered in 2016 after a 50 year effort to save the species) with the continued disruption of natural habitats and climate change, we have a long way to go to help protect the over 28,000 species threatened for extinction according to the IUCNI Red List.

The good news is that you can make a big difference by setting up donations…


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