In Focus: Boy Plays With the Girls During Recess

Scientists studying interactions between 4th grade students at a local elementary school were reviewing their data when they noticed a strange anomaly. The researchers constructed networks with pink and blue dots, respectively representing girls and boys, where lines connecting two dots signify playground interactions between two individuals.

Initial reviews showed expected results, with the pink and blue dots forming two independent groups. Such groups reflect the still-developing, prepubescent mindsets of the students, who are yet to see value in the differences between boys and girls. However, data for a boy towards the middle of the network soon showed that he was dividing his attention evenly between girls and boys.

“Of course we took a second look.” one researcher stated. “It’s rare that we see a student who makes eye contact and doesn’t mumble everything they say to members of the opposite sex. Ultimately, these results were consistent with our observations, and fit well within the uncertainty of our measurements.”

Reporters visited the home of the student, whose identity has not yet been released.

“I’m proud of him.” the boy’s father said. “I hope more students take after his example. It’s frustrating to hear how most of the boys only spend time with others who are just like them…”

His voice then trailed off as his attention shifted to the television, where Fox News’ Tucker Carlson began loudly sharing his thoughts on women’s healthcare issues.

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