Daily Crypto News Curation 11/24/17

Hey everyone! This is part of my Daily Crypto News Curation Series. It consists of articles and resources I found interesting that day. Let me know if you have any feedback or would like me to add anything to the list! Enjoy :)

A Beginner’s Guide to 0x

A quick guide to 0x, “an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain.”

Bitcoin’s Main Rival Ethereum Hits a Fresh Record High

ETH prices hit record highs today.

$3.2 Million Theft: Bitcoin Gold Wallet Scam Sees Fraudsters Steal Users’ Private Keys

A bitcoin gold wallet scam recently stole $3.2 m from its users.

New Virtual Reality Tool Lets You Explore the Bitcoin Blockchain in 3D

Very interesting VR project that enables data visualization of blockchain transactions.

Video Streamers Have More Options with These New Blockchain Startups

Some new ways of utilizing blockchain tech in video streaming.

DragonMint | Bitmain Antminer S9 Killer | Revolution in Bitcoin Mining Hardware

DragonMint hopes to end Bitmain’s monopoly of Bitcoin ASIC miners.

Detailed Analysis of Decred Fork Resistance

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