Standard Time presents its first original product.

At Standard Time, we have an obsession with Time. Sure, it’s right there in our name, but it’s also in our DNA. As a small agency, it perturbs us to see how big agencies and big brands waste time. It’s common to hear complaints about wasting money, but money is a renewable resource. Time isn’t.

We believe we can do more with the time we have. Brands can no longer buy their customers’ time. The modern consumer has become savvy enough to sidestep their so-called “disruption.” A quick swipe past an ad in…

What happens when yesterday seems better than tomorrow?

Perhaps it’s years of direct exposure to Los Angeles and its endless supply of sunny days. Perhaps it’s my dad, an old school surfer who always thinks a better set of waves is just beyond the horizon line.

I live every day with the belief that tomorrow will be exponentially better than yesterday. This makes Standard Time a comforting home. We are of the belief that in a world and industry where uncertainty is the only certain, we have to be malleable, forward-looking and above all, optimistic.

It’s a quality that we believe is valuable and underrated in advertising. Cynicism…

Spencer Somers

Creative Director, Standard Time

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