The internet is a bona fide safe-space for cats.

Our feline friends may seem universally loved with no need for defending, but that’s because we have maintained our cat-friendly bubble here on the web. In the real world, 15% of American’s dislike cats “a lot” compared to 2% for dogs.

If this open discrimination shocks you, don’t even get me started on on the struggles of black cats.


The long-and-short of it is that dog-owners are desperate for approval and seek that gratification from their pet at all times. Cats and cat-owners, on the other hand, understand that trust and affection is earned.

I don’t mean to hate on dog-lovers here, but cats are like the hot cheerleader that won’t give you the time of day. They play the game of attraction, practice the art of seduction. Dogs are just giving that away for free. It doesn’t make you special that Spot licked your face. He licks every surface of the house, including his butt — especially his butt.

Cats will get along just fine without you and, deep down, that eats you up inside.

So, why should you care about cats?

Did you know that a cat’s meow has evolved to more closely mimic a human baby’s cry? Yeah, that’s annoying as hell, but it’s super bad-ass when you consider that dogs have evolved to more effectively pee on your rug.