Feelings that won’t subside.

I keep reminiscing those feelings i have when i’m with him. I was genuinely in love. My eyes sparkle with all those heart warming message he intentionally whisper in my ears. Those sweet words that keeps lingering through my mind. Two years have already past. I still remember those days when we were so fresh from being apart. I was stunned the moment i saw him with his best friend. How could he be so composed, and ignored me? I’m i not that important for him? It feels like a knife was struck into my heart, i can literally feel the pain. But i’m that kind of girl who can professionally handle those feelings without anybody catching any hints about what i really feel inside. I’m that kind of girl who will secretly cry in the restroom because she can no longer pull a fake smile.Two years have smoothly passed, I've been doing very well. I came back on track. But there ares still moments when thoughts of being with him crossed my mind.What if we have managed to meet after the break up? Is it really what he wants?I’m i so impulsive giving him the freedom based on what i have learned?Does he really love that other girl more than me during those times?What if i spared a glance on him when my classmates told me that he looked at me with endearment when we came across his department.All those what ifs and why’s keeps bothering me since this day. I maybe know how can i stop all those things that haunts me but i have chose to stay this way.I don’t wanna keep pulling those strings of my past.Time will help me conquer all these nightmares.He will always have that special place in my heart, a place where i learn to value myself more.

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