Dropping out from FI

Last week I dropped out from the Founder Institute program in the San Diego chapter. Main reason, It can’t be my main focus right now.

This program is awesome, if you have a product and if you have time to allocate to building your product.

That is not my case, I am trying to get off the ground with my software development shop and I need to get moving in a slightly different direction at this point.

My take on FI: It is great for connecting with local entrepreneurs, mentors, legal and other useful resources needed at a very early stage in building a product company. It helps you commit to the whole process and identifying if you are truly passionate about your idea.

It facilitates the process of incorporating and having the company ready to receive funding, if you can convince investors.

I have learnt a lot during the 1st month of this process, I met awesome people, some of them I became friends already, but today my focus is not in building a product, but building a software development agency.

Thank you FI. I might join again in the future, once I have a product.

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