Founder Institute: Session 2

Second session, vision and idea. We started with few 1 minute pitches, I can feel the excitement of being called to give my pitch about my idea and also to explain why I have the passion, the motivation and the skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

One by one the founders are going to the front of the room and they start pitching, people listen, the mentors also listen. once each of the founders pitch, the fun begins. Mentors start providing feedback. At that moment is when you can tell the difference between a professional entrepreneur and a aspiring one. The way they communicate, the advise they provide on the spot is golden, I am trying to retain as much as I can, but i then relax and just enjoy such a beautiful interaction between smart human beings being the best they can.

once the first wave of pitches ends, the mentors start giving a talk, today’s topic was vision and idea, they share their experience and they talk about topic.

Few questions are thrown at them while they are presenting and it seems acceptable

At the end of each mentor talk there is the opportunity to ask questions. No doubt mentors at the Founder Institute are true entrepreneurs, very unique styles, they are all smart and sensitive, they seem to have a sixth sense as to what is being asked, they have examples readily at ahand to share and they even improvise scenarios and explanations on the spot. It is as if they are dancing in total congruency with their mind, soul and body. They seem to be one with the world and they are all very pleased with it; they communicate as if it was effortless and reach deep in their thoughts, achieving a delightful explanation of their own ideas.

Second session a pleasure too. Totally worth it. Thank you Jordan, Ryan and Ken.

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