“The Piece Of Writing Every Sanders Supporter Should Read” Or Something Similarly Self-Aggrandizing
Faruk Ateş

I stopped reading the original piece with the Walmart board part. It showed a distinct lack of understanding of the role of First Lady in a state. I have never shopped at a Walmart because they pay people so badly, however, they are a huge player in Arkansas and they employ tons of people there. It was a smart move for the First Lady to get on the board. Can one board member dictate changes like making them paying more or give health insurance? No. Can she effect smaller changes that ripple into today? Sure. Is any of that important to her current run for president? Not really. Not more than the children’s health insurance program. Thanks for spending some time going through the rest of that nonsense. I assumed by about one paragraph in that it was cherry picking details and making wild generalizations off them.

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