Why I’m not going to stop speaking out about gun violence prevention and Hillary Clinton, no matter…
Erica L Lafferty

Thank you so much for writing this piece. Your mother raised an amazing daughter.

As a violence researcher I am particularly dismayed by Sanders vote to stop research into gun violence, including accidental death. When I told people years ago that you can research any kind of violence except gun violence they didn’t believe me. Obviously we need answers to whether or not safety locks prevent accidental deaths and suicides in the home just as we need answers to whether safety caps stop those deaths from Tylenol. We need to know if certain legislation stops men from killing women and we need to know what would curtail tragedies like Sandy Hook.

The gun industry is the only industry to receive immunity from science.

I always thought this prohibition came from the GOP. It never occurred to me that Sanders, a liberal, voted against the science that would help him decide how best to legislate guns. People die everyday as a result of accidents related to guns, including in Vermont. If we did research Sanders might then know that many of his votes endanger the lives of children and women in Vermont.

In many ways his pro-NRA votes seem reasonable given he’s from a hunting state, though many of his colleagues from hunting states don’t share his voting record. But his votes against gun science have no business in a rational society.