200 pax attended the SP Exchange — SPCoin event in Ha Noi, Vietnam

The event introduces SPExchange — SPCoin on September 12, 2020 in Hanoi capital with more than 200 guests from all over the Northern provinces.

As one of the most dynamic emerging markets in Asia, Vietnam has shown remarkable economic growth in recent years amid a global recession. In particular, Vietnam is always in the top 5 countries with a large volume of transactions in the global cryptocurrency market.

With the development of the Blockchain industry, cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged as one of the most highly profitable and sustainable businesses in this digital finance industry.

SP Exchange is a new cryptocurrency exchange scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2021, with technology and an experienced operating team from Korea. SP Exchange focuses on Vietnam to develop in Southeast Asia. Unlike other exchanges, SPExchange with the world’s first FREE-FEE mechanism, free listing and support for potential Blockchain startup projects to develop and connect with financial funds and investors interest, stimulate the Blockchain industry to develop.

The event ended with many questions from VIP representatives and guests. The SPExchange team present at the event was delighted and delighted to receive a lot of attention from guests to the event. With a bold idea and a good foundation, SP Exchange is expected to assert its position in the Blockchain market in general and the exchange market in particular.

SPCoin (SPC) is the token of the SPExchange exchange that is used in all of SPExchange’s diverse ecosystems such as: Trading Option, reverse auction, DeFi, … With long experience in the industry, experts have analyzed and designed. plan for the development roadmap as well as the strategy to increase the highest applicability while integrating the combustion mechanism to reduce supply, increase demand and contribute to stabilizing the value of SPC in the future.

SP Exchange is not just an exchange, our mission is to foster the development of the Blockchain industry.

🔰 SPCoin website: https://spcoin.io
🔰 SPExchange: https://spexchange.io

🔰SP Exchange Information channel: https://t.me/spexchangechannel
🔰SPCoin Vietnam community: https://t.me/spcoinvietnam
🔰SPCoin Global community: https://t.me/spexchangeglobal

SPExchange is the world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We aims to support and nurture new potential Blockchain startups with our outstanding services.

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