SP Exchange Private event in Can Tho province, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

On September 5, 2020, SP Exchange’s Private Event in Can Tho with the participation of more than 100 VIP guests from all over the Southeast provinces took place successfully. At this event, SP Exchange representative, Marketing Director in Southeast Asia market, introduced the ecosystem and strategic vision of SP Exchange in the period 2021–2025.

The global economy is entering a period of strong transformation with the advent of the Internet. Corporations and businesses pioneering the internet have grown miraculously, turning the founders of internet-connected applications into world billionaires and multibillion-capital corporations like Amazon.

In recent decades, we have seen the explosion of blockchain, especially the development of Bitcoin with a value higher than physical gold and the rate of return when investing in this field is extremely attractive when The price volatility of the market is huge.

Mr Adam — SP Exchange CMO and the guests from the event

Blockchain is the next trend of the economy, when large corporations and countries around the world have started to adopt it. The demand for liquidity and transactions of cryptocurrencies and tokens of blockchains has become extremely bustling, especially since Ethereum was born in 2015 until now.

Since then, cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged as one of the biggest beneficiaries of this blockchain trend. Exchanges are seen as an important factor in stimulating the market and Blockchain technology to develop in the future.

And with its outstanding strength and its own unique highlights, SP Exchange has truly conquered all the guests present at the event. SP Exchange is the world’s first FREE-FREE cryptocurrency exchange. With our premium services, we are here to shape emerging technology ideas, support the development, and drive blockchain startups by connecting them with the global blockchain community.

Mr Dong — Community Supporter of the South region, Vietnam

SPCoin is the backbone of the SP Exchange exchange ecosystem. SPC has been carefully designed in-depth plans to increase applicability while reducing circulating supply to increase demand for SPC in the future. Together with its diverse ecosystem and high applicability, SPC is expected to bring success to the SP Exchange community in the future.

Members of the South region — Vietnam team

The event ended with an warm and friendly party with Q&A session from the leadership team of SP Exchange.

SP Exchange creates a circle of mutual benefits for everyone, a healthy environment to maintain and maximize growth.

SP Exchange is not just an exchange, our mission is to foster the development of the Blockchain industry.

🔰 SPCoin website: https://spcoin.io
🔰 SPExchange: https://spexchange.io

🔰SP Exchange Information channel: https://t.me/spexchangechannel
🔰SPCoin Vietnam community: https://t.me/spcoinvietnam
🔰SPCoin Global community: https://t.me/spexchangeglobal

SPExchange is the world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We aims to support and nurture new potential Blockchain startups with our outstanding services.

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