SP Exchange Private meetup in Kiev, Ukraine

On September 12, 2020 at 15:00 (UTC + 3) Ukraine time, the launch event of the SPExchange exchange took place in Kiev, Ukraine, with the participation of many founders from Blockchain technology companies.

Ukraine is one of the leading countries in cryptocurrency adoption with legal framework that has favorable terms for cryptocurrencies, which means it will benefit Blockchain and crypto companies in this country. This will also benefit the launch of the SPExchange in the European market, when the economies of these countries are also in recession due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and many other political factors.

Most of the guests at the event are representatives from Blockchain technology and services companies in Ukraine. The representative of STO Box commented: “We are looking forward to the official launch date of SPExchange. The idea of an exchange is not new, but the unique point lies in being free and I also like the way SPExchange and SPCoin (SPC) build diverse applications and service ecosystems, it makes investors feel reassured. more about SPC’s development in the long run ”.

Unlike the Asian market that is usually only interested in SPC’s profit value, this event attracts more people interested in SPExchange’s technology and ecosystem. Mr. Eugene said: “After today, I learned about the market share of the cryptocurrency industry in Asia and was surprised to know that people in Asia are now more interested in Blockchain and more surprised by the quantity. Crypto traders on major exchanges around the world come mostly from Asia besides developed countries such as the US, Australia, Canada or Russia. ”This shows that SPExchange has made a good impression on the European market. in general and Ukraine in particular.

After the introduction, some guests wanted to understand more about PeachEx.com — this Trading Option exchange is one of the key ecosystems of SPExchange. The reason is that Trading Options is not available in Europe yet, but the same forms they have also experienced. So it can be said that PeachEx.com is a relatively new but not difficult to experience tool for this market. In the future, Trading Option and PeachEx.com will most likely have a chance to have more coverage in the European market.

SP Exchange is the world’s first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We understand cost is one of the difficult problems to solve with startup projects, especially with Blockchain projects. With limited technology support as well as a connection with the community, many good ideas have yet to be formed. With our premium services, we are here to shape emerging technology ideas, support the development, and drive blockchain startups by connecting them with the global blockchain community.

SPCOIN (SPC) is a token of the SPExchange exchange, applied in the entire ecosystem of SPExchange: Trading Option, DeFi, Dutch Auction, … With lock and lock-up mechanism, SPC has been carefully designed the roadmap. development to ensure steady growth and balance Supply-Demand of the market.

And with this step into the European market, although not new but still challenging, SPExchange promises to bring more value to not only the SPC community, but also bring more breakthroughs and tributes. contributing to the development of a new but very important future industry: blockchain technology.

🔰 SPCoin website: https://spcoin.io
🔰 SPExchange: https://spexchange.io

🔰SP Exchange Information channel: https://t.me/spexchangechannel
🔰SPCoin Vietnam community: https://t.me/spcoinvietnam
🔰SPCoin Global community: https://t.me/spexchangeglobal

SPExchange is the world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We aims to support and nurture new potential Blockchain startups with our outstanding services.

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