SPCoin (SPC) Ecosystems and Applications

SPCoin is a token issued by the SP Exchange exchange, SPC is the core of the SPExchange ecosystem. SPC has been carefully designed in-depth plans to increase applicability while reducing circulating supply in order to increase demand for SPC in the future.

SPC ecosystem and real applications:

  • Token of SP Exchange: reducing transaction fees for holders and traders, receiving incentives for airdrop, easy buy …
  • Trading option: used to trade on the PeachEx.com trading option
    Games: Using online game to verify results by blockchain
  • Descending auction: used for descending auction for SP Exchange cryptocurrencies.
  • DeFi: Borrow and mortgage of cryptocurrencies with smart contracts on blockchain.
  • SP Share: 60% distribution of the total SPC supply by SP Share categories
  • Academy: Education knowledge about Blockchain and Crypto currency for the community completely free

And there are many more ecosystems and applications for SPC when SP Exchange is released.

SPExchange as well as SPC are being welcomed and appreciated by the community in both its application and its potential to increase prices. Moreover, with our long experience in the market, we devise strategies to help prevent SPC sell-off that affects prices, benefit investors and still ensure liquidity and follow up the roadmap. development of SPC.

  1. The diverse ecosystem and rich application of SPExchange will help to consume SPC efficiently.
  2. SP Exchange Global development, connecting quality projects with the blockchain community will help increase the demand for SPC.
  3. Extract 20% of revenue from ecosystem activities each year to acquire and burn SPC.
  4. Anti-inflation thanks to a 300-day lock and equal pay mechanism for owners of SP Share portfolios, which helps to fight inflation in the early days of listing and adds value to the SPC.
  5. SP Exchange launches at the time of the Up-trend of the crypto and Bitcoin markets in general while other industries are being heavily influenced by Covid-19 translation.
  6. Loyal members benefit from the rewards of the diverse SP Exchange ecosystem.

🔰 SPCoin website: https://spcoin.io
🔰 SPExchange: https://spexchange.io

🔰SP Exchange Information channel: https://t.me/spexchangechannel
🔰SPCoin Vietnam community: https://t.me/spcoinvietnam
🔰SPCoin Global community: https://t.me/spcoinglobal

SPExchange is the world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We aims to support and nurture new potential Blockchain startups with our outstanding services.

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