SP Exchange is the world’s first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We are pioneers in providing free exchange services. Based on this idea, SPExchange aims to build a new “Amazon” in the blockchain industry that is a trend.

With our premium services, We are here to shape emerging technology ideas, support the development, and drive blockchain startups by connecting them with the global blockchain community.

SP Exchange is a potential exchange with technology and operations team from Korea, a leading country in developing cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 200 exchanges up to now.

With the vision “to lead the development of Blockchain industry by leading innovation. Nurturing new tech startups, providing services that connect FREE between Blockchain tech startups and the Global Crypto Community through a platform with absolute support “ — SP Exchange will accompany potential developers, provide tools and support to promote the project to develop smoothly.

In 2009, with the advent of Bitcoin ushered in a new era for decentralized finance to develop. New cryptocurrency exchanges are constantly being launched, but the record of advancing blockchain technology and adoption is still very limited for the following reasons:

Lack of project promotion support
Large exchanges charge high listing fees, making it impossible for new blockchain startups (lack of capital) to access new capital from the global crypto community.

No connection
Exchanges prioritize profitability over connection support for potential blockchain startup projects, and emerging tech startups struggle to find customers as well as add support. global cryptocurrency.

Exchange service fee
Organizations, funds, and participants also have to pay a lot of other fees to the exchange that reduces the margin of customer profit growth.

Listing costs and exchange service costs have always been major hurdles for new blockchain technology projects.

So, SPExchange with a breakthrough idea: free all listing service costs for blockchain startups, potential blockchain projects when it passes the project approval round. In addition, SPEx also waives all transaction fees for organizations, funds and individuals participating in trading on its platform when holding SPC (SPExchange token). This minimizes the maximum pressure on blockchain startups that is CAPITAL!

Community is also an important factor. With infrastructure and technology, SPExchange connects investors with businesses, connects users with other merchants, and more, SP Exchange provides a quality community for startups. Target their specific audiences as well as selective investment projects for investors to consider. In other words, SP Exchange creates a circle of mutual benefits for everyone, a healthy environment to maintain and maximize growth.

SP Exchange is not just an exchange, our mission is to foster the development of the Blockchain industry.

🔰 SPCoin website: https://spcoin.io
🔰 SPExchange: https://spexchange.io

🔰SP Exchange Information channel: https://t.me/spexchangechannel
🔰SPCoin Global community: https://t.me/spcoinglobal

SPExchange is the world’ first FREE-FEE cryptocurrency exchange. We aims to support and nurture new potential Blockchain startups with our outstanding services.

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