A foreign property purchase can be a scary prospect. You want to know every detail about the area, the amenities, the views, and of course, the layout and interior of the house itself. However, looking at a few photos of the home can be highly misleading. When your money is on the line, and your vacation property dreams are about to come true, being certain about an overseas property purchase is a must. Enter aerial photography and drones.

Now that drones are readily accessible for real estate professionals, getting a detailed look at your potential real estate purchase abroad is…

I would like to introduce Spexi Geospatial as a commercial drone services company, proudly Canadian born, and looking to the skies to strengthen our global reach.

Our team of aerial survey specialists, software engineers, and industry visionaries have been busy creating drone services catered more directly to consumers’ wants and needs, and making these amazing services available to everyone.

Spexi Geospatial

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