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For my digital story, I am choosing the non-service learning track and more in the line of an auto-ethnography. To go into depth, I am thinking of just actively engaging in either a student group or just new things and people around campus in general. I want to go to different events around campus and just participate in my new community. Actively try and associate with new people I haven’t met in my dorms and in my classrooms. Just to experience what college has to offer for me. Whether that means hanging out with old and or new friends, and or going to college/community events and documenting them with pictures and videos. I want to see my progression over time throughout the semester and how I change myself socially and academically. That also means exploring and comparing how I identify myself from the beginning of college to around the end of the first semester. I want to see how I changed as a person including my values and strengths. I could also interview others on how their college experience is going and if their values and identities have changed while in college, and compare their experiences to mine. Just to simply participate in the new setting of being a first generation college student, and seeing how mine compares to others. Personally I can not wait to see what this year is gonna put on my plate and this project gives me a chance to document it and show my personal experience in my point of view to others.

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