To summarize my point let me start with this.
Irah Brown

At this point, your story for why we should prefer Trump over Hillary has shifted all over the place — almost as much as Trump’s statements on what he himself believes. No wonder you’re a Trump supporter.

At first, you said that you’d prefer “revolution through victory or through ashes,” implying that, if you couldn’t get your chosen Bernie or other third-party candidate into office, you’d prefer that we just hit a hard reset and start from scratch. When I pointed out how horrible that latter alternative would really be, you claimed that you didn’t in fact prefer that; you were just being rhetorical. In fact, you claimed that Trump would likely be better than Hillary. When I noted that we had absolutely no factual basis for believing that Trump could even possibly be better than Hillary, you conceded that they probably would just end up being the same, because of reasons.

So, then — why prefer Trump, again? I mean, at this point I could note that, while both Hillary and Trump would support big-money causes on some issues, on the margins Hillary would definitely be better. She would appoint better justices, she would stand up for minorities against a Republican Congress, she wouldn’t sign off on big structural changes to our tax code to benefit the wealthy even more than the status quo, she would uphold the international order that sustains international law, etc. But then I think it’d be reasonable to expect you to invent yet another reason to prefer Trump to Hillary.

Maybe you’d cite his “unpredictability.” We don’t actually know what Trump would do — so let’s take a chance! Who knows! But, setting aside that this is a completely reckless and sociopathic approach to politics, why would you, as someone who is tired of “going back on your principles,” support someone who has no principles whatsoever? How can you, with a straight face, reject the person who only supports some of your principles, and you’d expect would betray some of your principles, in favor of someone whose principles you don’t even know?

By every metric you’ve cited, in this series of comments, Hillary comes out better than Trump. So what’s really your issue?