Lately, we’ve noticed an influx of users requesting information on how to change their account status on the Web-App, so we’ve decided to make some tutorials to make the process a little easier and more smooth.

Step 1 = Log into the sphere social web app

Step 2 = Go to your profile information, see the screenshot below

New Sphere App Update

A new socializing update has been launched for the Sphere Desktop app.
Now users are able to meet new users with the ‘Meet Me’ Section of the website. Users can sort their search based on age, gender, online status, and keywords they might be looking for.

User profiles will be sorted based on whether you say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

If you say ‘Yes’, that user’s profile will be presented to you and you’ll be able to send them a friend request, and from there send a message or even add them as friends. Exciting stuff.


Hello again!
We’ve added some additional languages for our german and french speaking userbase to the web-application.

You can access these new language settings by clicking on the ‘English’ section on the bottom of any page on the web app.

It’s come to our attention that many of our users are experiencing some issues with MetaMask wallet integration on our web app. There’s been a recent update with the wallet called ‘Privacy Mode’ in MetaMask.

If used, the wallet won’t function as it should on the web app.
We did come up with a work-around until the issue can be directly tackled, so please mind the screenshots below:


MetaMask is a great piece of software you can use to manage all of your ERC20 Ethereum tokens. The wallet is a extension you can add to your Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Opera browser.

  1. Open MetaMask and login to MetaMask.

2. Click on the top left on Menu and subsequently on Add Token.

Hello there!

Russian and Spanish translations have been introduced on our web app.

You can access these new language settings by clicking on the ‘English’ section on the bottom of any page on the web app.


Hello, we have been observing the community during the past few weeks and we believe it is best we clear up some misconceptions and doubts about the project’s current status and future.

To all our early contributors who are wondering what is next, and when, we have an answer as to what we want to focus on:

Development, development, and more development.
We’re going to be working on 90% development for near future up into the next year. …

We are sure most of you out there have been anxious and even bored waiting for the latest project updates to come out — for distribution to end .

We are happy to announce that the end of distribution is finally here, and we have a schedule for the token burn.

As for the token burning schedule, it will go as follows:

Total amount of SAT to be burned: 529,236,531.8247911 SAT

9 OCT 2018 Burn Date 1: 132,309,132.9561978 SAT

16 OCT 2018 Burn Date 2: 396,927,398.8685933 SAT.

UPDATE: Due to demand from our contributors, we have decided to speed up the burning schedule.

On 16 OCT 2018, the rest of unsold tokens will be burned.

We will burn 396,927,399.8685933 SAT.

On Distribution:

Amount of token sold: 108,744,107 SAT

Exrates exchange:

We have 3 trading pairs.



Image courtesy of

Those wishing to trade our token now have another avenue for doing so.

We still plan on listing on additional exchanges in the future, so please stay tuned!

Sphere Official

Visit us @ for ICO. We are creating a decentralized social network. You have a say, you get compensated with every social connection.

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