Updates and new ICO date moved to Feb 12, 2018

Hello Sphere Supporters! Our team has been working hard and we’ve hit 200k registered referral members, 14k members on our app on Google Play, almost 2k subscribers to our telegram channel, and over 1k participants in our bounty program. We know that you are all looking forward to Sphere Social’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the beginning of our digital revolution. Unfortunately, we have hit a snag in our current project- the wallet- and we need to adjust the ICO timeline to fit our new parameters. We will be delaying the ICO launch by one month. The new ICO dates are Feb 12, 2018 — April 9, 2018. We apologize most sincerely for making you wait.

The additional time will be used for debugging and more stress-testing of the wallet. We will be offering our wallet free of charge to all Sphere users/SAT holders. The wallet will be using a Smart Contract which will be deployed on the Ethereum network. It will write to the blockchain via our Smart Contract and will have features such as direct transfer to another user, transaction history, and much more.

Sphere is committed to our users and we value your support so much. We want to be certain the wallet is completely ready for use at the time we begin our ICO so that you will have no issues storing your Social Activity Tokens (SAT).

There’s a definite silver lining to the delay: Presale and the bounty program are also extended! You have more time to purchase at the presale prices or earn your SAT by helping us raise public awareness of Sphere/SAT. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we tackle this unforeseen delay. We are confident that once the wallet is fully tested and approved for use, we will be run the ICO smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you,

The Sphere Team