2 Trillion Spheris Tokens: Crazy! Or is it?

What actually stands behind the supply of 2 trillion tokens? It’s a big number. We sometimes get asked why we don’t have a more modest supply of tokens, so here is the answer to this question.

When designing the architecture behind the Spheris platform, we were trying to think about user convenience and scalability.


SPRS tokens function a currency to buy and sell software on the Spheris platform. We want software prices in SPRS to have a convenient representation for worldwide markets. With a large number of distributed tokens, software prices can be represented as integers, avoiding fractions and conventions such as mBTC. For example, a software that sells for $20 is priced at 0.00448 BTC (at the time of this writing), which is less favorable than 2,000 SPRS.


Market scalability is also a consideration. If we think long-term, SPRS token market value may rise as a result of a healthy, continuously growing Spheris platform. We want to be able to future-proof prices in SPRS so that they won’t be fractionalized. A plentiful supply of SPRS tokens, that is 2T supply to be exact, covers this idea to a market cap of up to $2T without the need for fractionalized prices.

Are we the Only Ones?

We are not the first or the last to offer such supply, as cryptocurrencies are slowly moving toward mainstream acceptance. There are a number of projects who already suggested — and even implemented — a very large token supply.

Take a look at IOTA for example. They have an extraordinary supply of tokens: 2,779,530,283,277,761. That’s three orders of magnitude larger than the supply of SPRS tokens. Some projects, like KIN, have a large supply as well — 10 Trillion tokens will be created for their platform.

Spheris continues the trend of designing blockchain-based systems, and their tokens, in a way that will allow easy and convenient use by the consumers.