Spheris Crowdsale Refund Instructions

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the project’s vision and participated in the Spheris crowdsale. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach the minimum funding goal that we set for ourselves.

Below are the instructions on how to receive a refund.

1. Refunds for those who contributed with ETH

Due to security reasons, refunds will be done via the Spheris crowdsale smart contract. Those who contributed ETH directly to the contract can follow a few easy steps to get their funds back.

  1. Access the wallet from which you originally sent ETH.
  2. Send a new transaction with the following information:
  • Address to send: 0x2136200cf38fa2a4d6b1755c29bfc86251dcf7dd
  • Amount: 0 ETH
  • Gas Limit (recommended): 100,000
  • Make sure to “Add Data” to your transaction with the following data: 0x590e1ae3
  • You can set Gas Price (recommended) to 30 Gwei
  • Once done, you will automatically receive a refund.

2. Refunds for those who contributed with BTC

We want to make sure that every contributor who sent funds with BTC will get a refund. We need some additional information from contributors for verification. You can check here for more details about why we need to take this measure: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/From_address

Please send us a message to pr@spheris.io with the following information:

1. Date and time of your BTC contribution

2. Precise amount contributed in BTC

3. Transaction ID and/or original btc address used for the contribution

4. Your Ethereum address that you input on our website

5. BTC address you would like us to send your refund to (please make sure to give exact address. Any mistake in the BTC address will result in us sending funds to it and they will be lost)

3. Specific ETH Wallet Refund Guides

Refund with MyEtherWallet:

1. Go to “Send Ether & Tokens” from the top menu.

2. Set Gas Price (recommended) to 30 Gwei (located at top right)

3. Fill in the following:

  • To Address: 0x2136200cf38fa2a4d6b1755c29bfc86251dcf7dd
  • Amount to Send: 0
  • Gas Limit (recommended): 100000
  • Click on +Advanced: Add Data
  • Fill in Data: 0x590e1ae3
  • Once done, click on Generate Transaction and you’re done!

Refund with Ethereum Wallet / Mist:

1. Open the account you used to send Ether during the crowdsale.

2. Click on SEND from the top menu

3. Fill in the following:

  • To: 0x2136200cf38fa2a4d6b1755c29bfc86251dcf7dd
  • Amount: 0
  • Click on SEND
  • In the next window, change gas limit (recommended) to 100000
  • Click on SHOW RAW DATA next to the PARAMETERS field and fill in the following data: 0x590e1ae3
  • Enter your password and click on SEND TRANSACTION
  • And you’re done.

Refund with Parity:

1. Choose the account you already sent ETH from. On the page, click on “Transfer”.

2. Fill in the following:

  • Type of token transfer: Ethereum
  • Recipient address: 0x2136200cf38fa2a4d6b1755c29bfc86251dcf7dd
  • Amount to transfer (in ETH): 0
  • Tick the “advanced sending options” box and click on NEXT
  • Transaction data: 0x590e1ae3
  • Gas (recommended): 100000
  • Price (in Wei) (recommended): 30000000000
  • Click on SEND
  • And you’re done.