Spheris Is Open Source. Here’s Why That’s Great for Everyone.

Image by : opensource.com

Spheris is an open source software distribution platform designed to run on the Ethereum blockchain. While our team will lead the development of the foundational code that runs the software distribution system, over time independent developers will streamline, debug, and expand the code, adding features and maintaining the system far better than any one development team could.

Why Spheris Is Open Source

There are a couple key reasons for choosing to develop an open source project, especially one with the goal of free software distribution like Spheris:

1. Transparency

Spheris’s ultimate goal is to become the software distribution method of choice across all devices. That’s a huge undertaking, and if successful it would mean millions of transactions occurring on Spheris every day. Making Spheris open source means that users can investigate how the code runs, how and where data is stored, and the rules governing transactions. That’s important because it builds trust between software developers, the platform, and consumers.

2. Cost

Spheris is entirely free to use. There are no registration fees or transaction commissions. As such, the project needs to be open source, because the platform should be volunteer led and maintained. Developers have the opportunity to improve and maintain the code when they notice problems. The free use of the platform means Spheris isn’t restricted to people from certain countries, economic classes, or education levels. Open source allows Spheris to be free, which in turn grants open access to Spheris to anyone, regardless of background.

3. Security

Open source software over the past decade has proven to be more secure than proprietary software. The old adage that “security comes through secrecy” has been thoroughly disproven. Thousands of code testers and developers mean that problems in the code are identified and fixed faster and better. This has the added benefit of creating a strong code structure that is less vulnerable to attack. Running such an open source platform on the Ethereum blockchain adds another level of security, as the peer-to-peer network maintains Spheris’s records.

4. Quality

In many cases, open source software is better software. Open source software usually has more robust features and intuitive user interfaces. This makes sense because the people using the software now have a hand in making it, and they can design it to fit their needs. When a new feature is needed, independent developers can add on to the code to build the feature. This keeps the platform current, accessible, and useful. In fact, many companies and enterprises are switching to open source software because it does a better job of fulfilling their needs than proprietary software.

5. Support

Instead of relying on a team of professionals to provide support for software distribution, Spheris’s open source model will create a vibrant community of users who offer free support when things aren’t working. Good open source projects are well documented and offer forums, FAQs, wikis, and even chat options to investigate problems.

Spheris’s Mission: Free, Anonymous, Peer-to-peer Software Distribution

Given our mission, open source development is a no-brainer. It produces better results for users for free. It also builds a community that uses and loves the platform, customizing it to better meet their needs.

Interested in joining the Spheris community? Spheris crowdsale starts on September 19. If you’d like to support Spheris, you can visit https://spheris.io to receive updates and participate in the crowdsale.