🌍 Spheroid Universe & HYDROCARBON 8 (UK) LTD Partnership Promotion is live 🌎

As promised we are excited to launch, in collaboration with our partner HYDROCARBON 8 (UK) LTD, our new Airdrop Campaign. 
You´ll be able to earn yourself up to 600 SPH tokens by performing easy social media tasks. Besides, every friend you refer will get you a reward of 100 SPH.

To participate, start our bot and follow the instructions:

🤖 https://t.me/SpheroidUniverseAirdropBot

Please note: This campaign is for new sign-ups only, if you participate in the previous round of our Airdrop campaign you can however still refer people and get rewarded. Please submit your details to the bot to receive your referral link.

🤝 Hydrocarbon 8 (UK) LTD Partnership Promotion

As the first step in our collaboration with HYDROCARBON 8 (UK) LTD we offer a special Partnership Promotion to our community:

▪️ Omani Oil Spaces are open to acquiring on a special rate of only 1 USD. Pay for them with one of 300 cryptocurrencies approved by SPHEROID UNIVERSE.

▫️ 1 USD per 1 Space is the lowest available price on the SPHEROID UNIVERSE platform.

▪️ By buying this Spaces and simultaneously launching the SPH token mining, every community member can return the invested funds after only 10 days in SPH tokens.

▫️ Furthermore, we are launching a unique Cashback campaign, which returns 50% of the spent funds on Omani Oil Spaces immediately to the purchaser in SPH tokens.

ℹ️ Spaces participating in the campaign got marked with the “Oil drop” 💧. You can purchase them with all cryptocurrencies approved by SPHEROID UNIVERSE.

Please note that this promotion is time limited and only valid until December 15th, 2018.

We are excited to offer this great possibility to own up-and-coming Spaces in the Spheroid Universe to our community and are pleased to answer further questions if any appear.


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