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Dear community,

Today we are introducing Spheroid SQL!
What is it and why did we create it?

In order to make a quality XR application, developers traditionally need to master many different programming languages and technologies:

- languages in which the code of mobile applications is written: Swift, Java
- languages in which the server side of the mobile application is written, for example: PHP, Python, Ruby, C #
- specialized AR frameworks and technologies: ARCore and ARKit, SceneKit, Sceneform, Depth API, etc.

In addition, a full-fledged XR-application must contain such an integral part as a database and a query language for it. …

Dear Community!

We are pleased to announce the next important step for the Platform — the launch of the Demiurge Store!

Demiurge Store is a store of different applications, plugins, assets and extensions of the Platform. This is the place where community developers can start publishing and monetizing their products!

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Today we are announcing the first 3 plugins for the Platform:

1. Plugin for Unity — allows you to create and export scenes to Demiurge for use in XR applications. …

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Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Spheroid UI Engine and the publication of documentation of the Spheroid Script capabilities for creating user interfaces (UI) for XR applications.

Spheroid UI Engine allows you to create user interfaces that include a variety of menus, buttons, lists, cards, interactive data entry forms, profiles, sorts, dialog boxes, information pages, and other elements necessary for developers to create XR applications.

Traditionally, it is believed that in order to make a high-quality interface, it is necessary to create it for each platform (iOS and Android) separately. Spheroid Script eliminates the need for developers to do double work. The interfaces created in Spheroid Script are high-quality and responsive, just like the native ones, while Spheroid Script provides a significantly lower entry threshold for developers, simplifying and speeding up development, making any changes in the interface possible even after the user has downloaded and installed the application. …


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