Why your retail business demanding a strong mobile Presence from you

Smartphone have given wings to shoppers; they can go anywhere and can do everything on their Smartphone; from going through information to analyzing and finally purchasing. Let’s have a deeper look at some facts regarding how Smartphone have penetrated in our life and has given us incomparable benefits.

79% of Smartphone owners are Smartphone shoppers; they considerably take the help of Smartphone in shopping as these devices have become an important part of their life, fulfilling their essential needs.

Out of this 79% of Smartphone shoppers, 62% are standard Smartphone shoppers; for them Smartphone comes in use at least once a month for shopping. 17% are frequent Smartphone users who shop using Smartphone at least once a week.

Key Points

Here follows some interesting facts regarding the effect that Smartphone have left on shoppers.

The in-store shopping experience has transformed greatly with the use of Smartphone

8 out of 10 Smartphone users use Smartphone in stores before and even while shopping. 82% shoppers use search engine with their Smartphone to search a product and gather information about the same before they go ahead in buying it.

As per research conducted it has been seen that shoppers who use mobile often end up spending 25% more in store as compared to shoppers who use mobile phone occasionally.

Mobile Makes Path to Purchase Easy Giving Clarified Results Thereby Increasing Basket Size

A survey done shows the beginning of shopping activity with the extensive use of Smartphone. 90% of shoppers begin their pre-shopping activities with Smartphone which includes the following;

58% of them use their Smartphone to find location 57% use it to find hours before a deal closes 44% use to make price comparison 44% use to find promo offers to use them suitably 43% use smart phone to browse information that theywish to know 32% use to find locations where specific products are sold 31% use to find out every detail about the product also the availability of the same in-stores 30% read product review to know user experience before they go ahead in purchasing a product Interestingly 84% of Smartphone shoppers use their device even while shopping in a store

The Use of Smartphone to Shop is Not Limited to Just One Category

Almost half of the Smartphone shoppers use their mobile for more than 15 minutes even during store visit so that they can analyze and compare before making the final decision of purchasing.

97% of Smartphone users use Smartphone to shop for appliances 89% of users shop for grocery 87% users shop for baby care products 87% shop for electronics, 86% shop for household care 81% shop for health & beauty products 80% shop for apparel 71% shop for pet care products

The Use of Mobile Phone is Directly Related to Buying More

A statistics report collected shows the effect on shopping when compared with standard and frequent Smartphone shoppers. Frequent smart phone shoppers increase the sales of health and beauty products by 50%, of appliance by 40%, sales of electronics by 34% and sales of household care products by 25%.

Self Help Is Becoming the New Norm in shopping

Help yourself but you are not alone; your Smartphone is with you always. 1 in 3 shoppers use their Smartphone to find every information about a product instead of asking store employees. This trend of self help which means finding information about certain product has greatly increased in categories like appliances, followed by electronics, then baby care and household care.

Mobile Empowers Shoppers by Giving Clarified Information

Using Mobile Phone for Shopping Is Convenient, Saves Time, Money and Makes Life Easy Beyond the Limit

An opinion taken by people along with study conducted reveals some beneficial facts about the use of Smartphone. 51% of Smartphone users save time, 44% of Smartphone users save money while for 42% Smartphone make their life easy.

Smartphone Helps In-Store Customer Save Cost and Find Your Business

Smartphone play important role in helping in-store customers as well as retail business owners. 53% of customers make price comparison, 39% find promotional offers, 36% find locations, 35% find hours i.e. they find time left before an attractive shopping deal closes.

In store price comparison for various categories

Most of the buyers do an in store price comparison before making a purchase. With the use of Smartphone in-store price comparison has grown extensively. In store price comparison for appliances is 74%, for electronics its 70%, for baby care its 62%, household care its 58%, pet care 51%, health & beauty 46%, apparel 44% and grocery 36%

Shoppers Gain Confidence and Trust with the Search of Complete Product Information

82% of shoppers are deeply dependent on search engines to research on products for which they increase their visiting area. 62% of searchers use store websites, 50% prefer visiting brand websites, 21% trust on store apps, while 20% make it a point to visit deal websites.

Consumers Use Search Engine to Gain Information about Product

73% of consumers are completely dependent on search engine to know where products are sold. 67% of consumers visit store websites, 39% prefer brand websites, 24% trust on store apps while 17% trust brand apps.

Shoppers Use Search Engines To Make In-Depth Price Comparison

72% of Shoppers make an in-depth price comparison before they decide to finally buy any product. 50% of shoppers use visit store website to look for price and seasonal offers, 30% prefer brand websites, 25% visit various comparison sites while 21% visit scanner apps.

Shoppers Use Search Engines To Be Updated With Various Promotional Offers

63% of shoppers never miss a chance to know various promotional offers. 59% see store websites, 38% visit brand websites, 36% never miss out on deal websites while 35% don’t miss to check promo notification through email or text messages.

In-Store Shoppers Trust More on Mobile Sites

65% of in-store shoppers are more comfortable browsing mobile sites while 35% prefer apps to instantly get connected and get benefited from online & offline shopping experience.

Unavoidable effect of Mobile on Business

Above facts and figures state the following conclusion regarding the effect of mobile on business

Mobile marketing is not an option; it’s essential beyond doubt for business growth

Mobile marketing is essential and truly unavoidable for business beyond doubt, in-store shoppers are increasingly becoming dependent on their mobile devices in search of information about products. It won’t be wrong to say that customers immediately get connected to product and business wherever and whenever they want.

Don’t Think mobile helps only in Online Shopping

Mobiles are used to take customers to store and engage them there

Mobile takes a customer to store and engages him successfully over there, it all begins with

  • Mobile phones connects business with customers

When a business has mobile website or an app, it can be used to display retail location and phone number which will enable customers to find business location and phone number quick and easily. This saves customer’s time and effort in finding your business.

  • Allow customers to know benefits of getting connected with your business

By knowing complete product information, promotional offers and other information customers can easily compare and know benefits of getting connected to your business by the use of Smartphone when they are in-store.

  • Convey marketing message with respect to time and location

With the use of mobile it helps business reach people with appropriate information taking into account location, time & day

Mobiles are giving showroom challenge to business

Mobiles are throwing showrooming challenge to every business, Customers visit stores but in finding replica of the product at a cheaper rate online; they prefer buying from here. Here are some ways to meet the showrooming challenges

  • Work in improving in-store experience

Your business’s in-store experience can be distinguished from online shopping by giving professional service from sales executive or by offering interactive product demos

  • Mobile use in store must be embraced

With wide inventory of ecommerce products, product information, store maps, using of QR codes is the best way to get connected to mobile users.

Mobile plays an unavoidable important role in the overall marketing strategy

  • The role of mobile in marketing strategy cannot be ignored at any cost.

Take the lead and own the unavoidable benefits that customers will get when they decide to purchase products with the help of mobile device. Shoppers need variety of information before they come to the decision of buying a product. Their gateway to information is only by means of mobile search.

  • Browsing customers are converted to paying customers

Mobile devices allow customers to interact with your business in more than one way. Customers first find you on mobile and then can carry on with doing transaction on a website, app, and purchase over the phone or may decide to visit your physical store directly. Mobile marketing strategy must be developed in such a way that these actions so that these actions of consumers can be improved.

Use of mobile device by shoppers is across all categories

Shoppers now days are using mobile devices for almost every product category; they are as follows

  • Mobile phones helps in selecting the most fashionable and affordable apparel

Shoppers use mobile phones in their every important pre-purchase activity. Their selection process to look best starts with pre-purchase activities; 43% begin by first making a price comparison and then go on in finding promo offers. 34% percent use in finding location/direction where such attractive apparels are available and 34 % find hours left for an attractive deal to close down.

  • Mobile phones lends a hand to shoppers in finding the best electronics in terms of specification, cost and advantage

Even in selecting electronics 70% shoppers begin by making a price comparison, 51% browse various sites before they find the best site that has various products and in-depth information about the same; 45% are confident only after they read product reviews; they also check out time left for a cost saving deal to close down, 42 % finally decide to purchase only after they get complete product information.

In this electronics loving crowd use of mobile devices plays an obvious role; 42 % use it to know locations where products are sold, 40% search for promo codes to know if any discount is available, 35% use it to know specific locations where new, rare or special products are available, 32 % find product availability in store instead of asking sales people over there.

  • Mobile phones help shoppers search the most suitable appliances to make life comfortable

Searching the most suitable appliances to make life comfortable begins with browsing which 62% of shoppers begin with, 75% make price comparison, 73% find out complete product information, 64% look for promo offers and 58% check time left for an useful deal to close.

Before selecting the most suitable appliance to make life comfortable 53% of buyer as are confident in buying the same only after they read product review, 46% go ahead in finding where specific products are sold, 45%

  • Mobile phones play a great role in buying health and beauty products

In buying health and beauty products the use of mobile devices is great. 35% begin their search with browsing, 46% shoppers do a price comparison, 42% find location where branded and preferred products are sold, 43% check out time left before a deal closes and 40% look for various promo offers.

  • Use of mobile phone by pet lovers for pet products

58% of pet lovers use mobile devices to make price comparison for various pet products before they choose to buy the one that suits their pet in every way. Pet lovers use internet to buy various pet products and hey find it more convenient to use it with the help of their mobile devices.

Thus we see that use of Smartphone plays an unavoidable role in shopping for every category making things simple and easy for consumers of different need.

Comprehensively the use of Smartphone has played an essential role in changing business approach, formulating business strategy considering the new, detailed and comfortable approach of consumers. Smartphone has extended in changing the retail landscape, has connected more with in-store shoppers as it is the starting point for every search.

Originally published at www.sphinx-solution.com.

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