Ambition of a ferocious heart

An exercise from Tracy Marks’s The Art of Chart Interpretation.

Chart A. I noticed the busy 10th and 6th houses. In tarot, these are the houses of the Devil and the Hermit, respectively.

The chart: A general interpretation

Prefers to work alone. Work is a focus. Finances come together a bit mysteriously; finds professional strength in being unconventional. Ambitious, but in a weird way.

Finds the ideal more appealing than the reality, and aims emotional energy out into the stars. Relationships are tense, but honest. Invites disruption into life to the point of overturning parts of it. Constantly testing beliefs.

A reckless scientist of the heart. Dispassionate at times, neglectful (or perhaps neglected). Sticks through hurtful relationships, does not deal well with rejection.

Sensitivity does not come naturally. Potentially sensation-seeking as a result, or overly demonstrative. Determined, maintains momentum, sometimes stubborn, but also potentially powerful.

Who is this?

In the book with these exercises, the charts are presented with no clues of the person’s identity (though you can ballpark age if you know your Pluto transits). I wrote the whole interpretation before looking to see whose chart it was.

I was surprised to see this name again so soon after reading his obituary. This is the chart of Muhammad Ali.

“Prefers to work alone” ends up being kind of funny, in that case.

Prominent details I used in my interpretation

  • Sun sign & house: Capricorn (6th) — also chart ruler. (Sun/Devil in the house of the Hermit.)
  • Grand earth trine, Sun/Uranus/Neptune.
  • Moon sign & house: Aquarius (7th). (High Priestess/Star in the house of Justice.)
  • Moon: 26'26" Aquarius square Uranus: 26'27" Taurus (High Priestess/Star in the house of Justice square Fool/Hierophant in the house of the Devil)
  • Venus: 20'27" Aquarius square Saturn: 21'39" Taurus (Empress/Star in the house of Justice squaring World/Hierophant in the house of the Devil)
  • No water elements in the chart.
  • Predominant fixed modality.
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