Mars, Aries, & the Emperor

Jessa Crispin’s Creative Tarot had the hint of something here when she wrote about the Emperor and discipline, but only after letting it simmer in my mind for a little did it break through: This card is about enforcing boundaries.

I’ve always been confused when I pull this card, which gets typed as some sort of hyper-masculine warrior. It’s simpler than that, and more universal. And of course, this relates to Mars — almost as much as it relates to Aries. It relates to how you express Mars, which most desperately wants to be cardinal fire energy but in many charts is forced to compromise.

In Scorpio, for example, Mars goes undercover, employs underhanded strategies, can even be a little paranoid. Am I safe? Is that a threat? When I pull this card, it is often reversed — a sign that I am not enforcing the boundaries that I need to be, or perhaps withdrawing too much.

Seeing the Emperor is a pretty good sign that Mars is at play in some way, and you can look to your natal Mars to get an idea of your inner Emperor’s personality. It’s healthy to keep him in check and give him the help he needs, because he can get a little stuck in his own mind and may try executing on an empty campaign.

Questions to ask with the Emperor: 
- What are you most defensive of right now? 
- Are you trying to gain ground, or are you struggling to hold it? 
- Do you have a strategic plan of action?

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