Rebel Now!, Dont Just Sit There

Rebel Now!, Dont Just Sit There

We have seen protests, uprisings, calls for change.

We have seen people in the streets, standing up for what they believe in.

That got us thinking at Spice Chungu about our own rebelling, our personal rebellions, our private uprisings, our deep, center of our soul screams for change.

We got to wondering if we had stopped rebelling, as a woman, when was the last time that you stood up the man and said, Yes I am able too

Its time for creativism, rebel against authority, parental impositions, religious manipulations, rules that silence your voice, hypocrisy, the establishment, the system, the man, injustices — both real and perceived.

Its time to rebel against against society and its norms, challenge the status quo and make a difference today.

After all these years…

You must have grown tired of being beaten down

You must be tired of being violated

You must be tired of being denied of your rights

You must have had enough of the old reality of your life.

The uprising is here, the creativity is here.

We have to make our voice heard.

No matter the circumstances that we find ourselves in, rejection, abuse,

You have to take it to the inner streets of your life

For the soul is screaming and crying for change.

This creative rebellion is the only way to survive.

You must have seen clearly that your biggest, strongest, loudest, most defiant rebellion has been against yourself.

When people see what they believe is an unjust system, they rebel, they get tired and decide to rise, to rebel, to speak for change.

There is a sound in #HeForShe but the voice is much stronger in She, make it heard.

Catalyze social change through #creativism and make a difference.

Lets build a society where being woman or man doesn’t have to matter anymore.

We can together at catalyze social change, make a difference through creativism.

Yes! the fight is over and yet it has just begun.

We will not run away from our pain, we will walk towards it and make real change.

Rebel Now! Don’t just sit there.

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