Take 24 of 24

24th birthday 

I began my day at 0500 hours, though it wasn’t until an hour later that I got out of the bed.

Today’s plan was to celebrate round the clock, and so I did:

    Who says I am growing older? I wanted my room to be filled with balloons, so that’s how I began my day (at mid night), followed by cutting the cake.
  2. Early Riser: I aspire to become an early riser. So thought, atleast I can achieve that for day zero for the rest of the remaining year ahead. Hence, I was up by 0500 hours.
  3. Chanting: I did 24 minutes of Buddhist chanting, setting the right tone for the year ahead.
  4. Exercise: Did some yoga as the sun rose. Let’s have a fit year ahead!
  5. Gurudwara: Visited the Gurudwara for additional blessings
  6. 24 coins: Donated 24 , Re1 coins for someone’s well being.
  7. Cocktail (read beer) for Breakfast; no compromising on the fun times! I cheers my way into the year.
  8. Qutb Minar: I finally visited the most coveted monument of Delhi for the first time.
  9. Gratitude for Parents: Sent a gratitude wish and message to the parents.
  10. Acts of Kindness: I had chocolates in my bag. I shared one with a caretaker didi in office, who is super nice and always asks for my well being. Shared another chocolate with a polite cab driver.
  11. 24 Flowers; I love flowers.
  12. Gratitude list: Made a list of 24 things I am grateful for.
  13. Buy something for yourself: I gifted myself a plant (name forgotten, yikes!), its leaves turn red during winters and green during summers. It is like I brought mini Autumn to home. :)
  14. Favorite kebabs: The reason I could never become vegetarian is because these melt-in-your-mouth kebabs also makes you weak-in-the-knees. So, went to my favorite kebab place in town.
  15. Dress up in new outfit: Throughout the day, I was dressed in new outfit(s). I felt special.
  16. Send postcards: Sent Qutb Postcards to a few friends, sharing joy with them.
  17. Wealth: I am a big believer of savings, compounding and investing. After procrastinating over this unnecessarily, I finally applied to open for a demat account.
  18. Volunteer: Somewhat achieved. Turned out to be a bit complicated than expected. I ended up writing to them instead of calling (which would have been faster), but hopefully, should get into this place where I wish to begin volunteering.
  19. Dinner with Family: I am grateful for the awesome folks I have. Also, this was the only thing I knew that was surely happening today. So, had to be on the list.
  20. Call a friend whom you haven’t talked in a while and who hasn’t wished you: well, I didn’t call, but I did message that friend to wish me. I got an instant response :)
  21. Talk to a stranger: Spoke to two of them at the kebab place. Told one of them it was my birthday. After I finished eating, I was walking the direction from where I’d hail an auto back home. Few minutes down the road, I see a scooter approaching, it was the second guy whom I had met. He stopped and said “Aapko janamdin mubarak” (Happy Birthday).
  22. Dance Class: I am signing up for these classes I have been thinking about for a while. Finally making the move.
  23. Draw a Canvas: Instead of a canvas, I put together a one second video to remember my day.
One Second Video, 24th Birthday

24. Write something — just wrote this story :)

So, almost there?

I want to remember all small things as significant; that this year forward twenties become more mindful and more fun. That I pray, all of us believe that we are enough and everything performed with a heart of joy, will manifest more in return.

I knew, given it is a weekday, it will be challenging for friends to get together. I happened to come across this concept of celebrating 24 hours of 24th birthday, and I instantly made a list of above things I would want to do today. Meanwhile, I had abundance of love, wishes and calls coming my way, it couldn’t have been better.

And now that the beers are out (right in the morning), some chilling in the fridge, we are all set for the weekend. Let the friends come in!