The Beginning of last 30 days of Pune

counting down days to the finish line of 2 years of staying in Pune

I once read in the spiritual atheist column of op -ed of Economic Times , mere 150 words article but speaks to the soul indeed. This particular article spoke about trying too hard.

The above article reads:

To be fair, if the heavens haven’t already opened up on this sultry-evening, is it because this needs a live performance from a musician rather than the playing of a digitally mastered tap recording? Ancient seers also warned against trying too hard. Just go with the flow, they exhort; you never know what might happen!
This entails what Taoists call wu-wei, or “no trying” or “no doing”. Kashmiri Shaivites invoke Anopaya, or the technique of no-technique. This is supposed to be the highest level of realization or the Heart of Direct Recognition (Pratyabhijna

July 9th, 2014

Isn’t that what almost all of us do? We are constantly striving for more and better things and seldom feel contend with what we actually have. Feeling gratitude becomes a luxury then!

Though my point being different in this case.

Somehow I am truly understanding the meaning now. 
I wanted to get admission for masters, I wanted to learn more, I wanted someone to like me and I am trying way too hard for something and I think there is not that vague a distinction between trying too hard and just working hard.

There is a difference of attitude and feeling and perspective.

If I am trying too hard I know I am not sure I want it in its entirety and if I am sure then maybe is it because everyone has it and I want it too. I am being too desperate. And in my gut, I know I am unsure of the want of it.

I want it but not need it, if I were to put it concretely.

I know, if I am way too sure of something, I will work hard for it. I am not “trying” to work hard, I am actual ,in sincerity working hard. In that case, how could success not comply? 
Even the universe agrees that if you feel, believe and act, it will come across. All you have gotta do is do not stop believing.

I scribbled the above sentences originally on July 9th, 2014; inspired by the ET op-ed article. It was about 12 days before I got an acceptance letter from the masters school in the city of Pune. 
At a time when I had given up on clearing any competitive examination, anxiety-stricken & uncertainty bestowed, I couldn’t have imagined that soon I would be moving out of home for the first time and joining the league of living an independent life, where I would be responsible for making a home wherever I shall go!

2 years have flown and now, when I find this article in the Evernote collection of scribbles, I knew it would be the perfect piece to start off the countdown with.

I had started preparing for these last 30 days of Pune in January, creating a checklist of things I wanted to do before I bid goodbye to this beautiful city.

The experience has been life-changing like I was promised.

And you know the best part of it all? Just like the article says, all of it happened effortlessly.

All of it.