How Google (almost) killed Spicer App with 450K downloads and 3 years of work.

Andrey Sheykhot
Aug 19 · 2 min read
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I’ve been developing Spicer, app that helps couples improve their sex life. Spicer improves communication about sex and helps couples discover things that both partners like in sex.

How it works

Both partners install Spicer and link with each other.
Both partners answer same sex questions with “Yes”, “Maybe”, “No”.
If both partners answer “Yes” or “Maybe” to the question it’s displayed as Match.
App must be installed on two separate devices and requires two people to function.

Why it matters

Spicer user reviews show why Spicer is important tool for couples:

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There are tons of reviews like this and they all mean a lot to me and my team. That’s why Spicer was created in the first place.

No sexual gratification in Spicer

Spicer shows sex related questions for couples to answer. Once questions are answered and matches created, couple go out of the app to try them in their relationship. Nothing sexual happens in the app itself.

Approved by Google initially

Spicer was approved by Google Play Team appeal in 2018 and deemed non sexually gratifying. This made me invest everything into the app and it was working for 2 years without any problems.

Spicer was also approved by Google Play Team appeal in June 2020 (just 1.5 months ago).

In total Spicer was approved by 3 appeals and Sexual Content Policy and Spicer content was not changed.

Sexual Content Policy

Here is email received by Google showing the reason for suspension being sexual questions in the app.

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Help us save Spicer!

If Spicer helped your couple, please let Google know at @GooglePlayDev or tag Mr. Hiroshi Lockheimer (SVP of Google).

We hope Google will notice the value of Spicer to couples and reinstates the app.

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