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SPiCE publishes a quarterly Net Asset Value (NAV) per token report. This is done as part of the our commitment to providing transparency to our investors and in order to assist the market in developing better liquidity around the SPiCE token.

This article explains what a NAV is, why is it used, how is it calculated, why we chose to publish it as we do, and other related topics.

For more specific and detail explanations, please refer to the SPiCE Information Memorandum.

What is NAV of a fund?

Net Asset Value (NAV) of a fund refers to the amount by which the value of all of the assets of a fund exceeds all debt and liabilities of the fund. In other words, it tries to approximate what will be the net (of all debt and commitments) proceeds if all assets of the fund were liquidated today. …

Since we launched our new project, a tokenized fund called SPiCE VC, the number one question we have received is how do we compare with Blockchain Capital. They were the first to tokenized a fund through an ICO back in spring this year and to do it also as a security token. In this post, we will go over the structure of Blockchain Capital and how it compares with what we are doing at SPiCE VC. …

Landing page of SPiCE VC Web site

Today we are starting SPiCE’s pre-sale, and soon our token sale. When we started the project a few months ago, we realized that most of the existing ICO platforms will not work for us. This is because most of them are not designed to deal with security tokens (with few exceptions: Argon Partners and CoinList). Therefore, we decided to build our own platform so we could tailor it to our needs and provide the exact experience we were aspiring to our token investors and token holders.

The purpose of the platform is to onboard investors following securities regulations for each country, depending on each investor’s country of residence. The SPiCE platform will continue being active after the token sale completion so our new token holders who join the project after acquiring tokens in the secondary market can register back with us and enjoy the returns of the SPiCE token directly. The goal was to make the entire investment process on a security token completely automated and with a outstanding user experience. …



A tokenized VC fund to provide liquidity, transparency and inclusivity on the blockchain. https://www.spicevc.com

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