5 tips to successful selling on eBay

  1. List your items on a Thursday evening (10 day listing) or Sunday evening (7 day listing) to ensure that the auction ends on a Sunday evening, ideally around 6pm. This way the majority of your audience will not be working, will not be out on the town, will not be out to dinner and probably won’t be putting the kids to bed. In other words you’re maximising your profitability potential.
  2. Take lots of good, clear (not blurred), well lit pictures (and ideally some video footage).
  3. If your item is marked or slightly damaged then clearly describe the fault. It probably won’t affect the use but would quickly become an issue when your buyer receives it.
  4. Give the item a full description — use all the characters of the title if possible. This will ensure that your item shows up in more search results.
  5. Know your packing and postage cost before listing. Good packing is imperative and will generate positive feedback. Items delivered damaged will be a financial loss and will generate negative feedback. Big, bulky or heavy items can be very expensive through the Post Office and may put off potential bidders — do your research!
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