Project 366 / 137 — Increments, water and rainbows

Incremental changes, accumulated over a period of time begin to make a change. When you relate this to your life you may not feel as though you are making much, or any progress towards a goal, but just as long as you’re still moving forward then you are. Think of water; over a long period of time it overcomes obstacles, erodes rock, moves mountains and shifts earth in order to reach its goal. You may not see it’s progress but the results of it’s efforts are all around us to see.

But how patient can you be? When I was younger I didn’t really think about where my business life would be at 45, instead I just got my head down and worked, hustled and grafted. The change over the years hasn’t been quick and it hasn’t felt dramatic but if I visited my younger self and showed them where I’d be at this age I think I’d be pretty pleased by what I’ve achieved.

I was watching the Chase Jarvis interview with Mark Cuban the other day and he said that despite all his excessive success (and bear in mind he sold one of his businesses to Yahoo! back in 1999 for $5.7 billion) he still says that the hunger for reaching his goals and successes is the same now as it was before. He did admit though that whilst the climb is enjoyable, the view from the top is much better.

No matter where you are on your journey, there’s always so much to do. I don’t think that I’ll ever make it per-se as that imaginary finishing line is like the end of the rainbow. It just doesn’t exist. And besides, I’m continually making and setting new goals and plans. I think the only thing I’ll ever run out of is time.

Until then…

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