Project 366 / 14Titles and Alan Rickman

One of my new employees asked earlier what their job title was. They were employed initially as an office junior but are taking on new responsibilities all the time and will naturally move onto bigger and better things. I asked them to name their own title, at which they had no idea so I gave some suggestions and I think one has stuck. The reason for this? Self gratification in front of peers, family and friends. “So what do you do?” – “Oh I’m an operations officer” or “I’m a logistics operator” etc…

Recently I started noticing on LinkedIn the various titles that people give themselves. One of our customers consists of 3 people. There is the owner, an office manager and then an apprentice. The owner states his title is “CEO, Owner, Managing Director and Founder” – jees, that’s more titles than employees!

Admittedly in my youth I was a bit vain about my job title but now I prefer to tone it down rather than jazz it up. I was talking to one potential customer yesterday and at the end of our lengthy conversation they asked my name – “Stuart” I replied. “And your surname?” – “Spicer” I replied. At that they became embarrassed and giddy, explaining that if they’d known they were talking to the owner they would have been far more nervous. Nervous? What for? People are funny.

Today we heard the very sad news that Alan Rickman had died at the age of 69 from cancer. That’s two people, both 69 and both from cancer within 6 days of each other. From memory he first came to my attention in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves where his portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham stole the show. Most people gain traction from maybe one thing that they do and for me it was that. I put him in the same bracket as amazing actors like Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins. One of our Christmas traditions for my wife and I is to share a bottle of wine on Christmas eve whilst watching Love Actually. The beauty of celluloid is immortality and we look forward to being entertained by Mr Rickman for many years to come.

Alan Rickman RIP

21/02/1946 – 14/01/2016

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