Project 366 / 24Social networks and interaction

I’m enjoying writing. I’m enjoying the daily deadline of writing a blog post, of having the pressure of commitment and the anticipation of what words are going to fall from my fingertips. I’m also enjoying discovering so many interesting people on Medium.

The main social networks tend to be anything but social;

Facebook – A place where most people post just the best bits from their lives, tricking the world into believing the impossibly perfect world in which they live.

Instagram – Let me show you just how perfect I can look (with the right lighting, best filters and pout).

Twitter – Soooo busy, you’re never going to read most of my greatest words and thoughts.

Snapchat – Well I’ve just downloaded that and I’m already confused

I’ve also downloaded Pinterest which I kind of like but rarely open, flipboard which I really like but rarely open, Periscope which I’ve never used but have started to get follower on (how do they ever find me) and Google+ which I always forget to post my business stuff on.

Why did MySpace fail? Isn’t Facebook just a copy of MySpace just presented differently? MySpace used to be the social network, I’m not sure how it all went so badly wrong for them.

The power of interaction is so vastly overlooked, it’s something that I’m trying to put the time into to connect to like minded people. Social networks are meant to be social, they’re meant to be there to connect, to talk to, to “network”. Be raw, be available and give credit where credit is due.

A like is a pat on the back, a kind comment is a huge compliment, it means so much and so often it’s the fuel or the oxygen that people need to carry on.

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