Project 366 / 283 — Two wrongs don’t make a right

So the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump show continues to rumble on. It’s a worrying statistic that it’s come down to just two of the worst candidates in history.

I would never claim to be any sort of expert on the matter but from where I sit this side of the pond you’ve got Mrs Clinton who is just one big contradiction, happily switching opinions and policy positions to suit the audience and then Mr Trump, a loathing, sexist, anti-semitic, racist bigot.

But is the US President really the worlds most powerful person? Well yes; as chief executive of the worlds only superpower, he is boss of 2.7 million employees and commander in chief of the mightiest army on earth. At all times he is accompanied by a briefcase containing Americas nuclear launch codes and he can negotiate treaties and pardon criminals. He is head of state, head of government, head of 16 spy agencies and he has the ability to veto any bill that Congress sends to him.

Some say that he has limited power to create anything but has an extreme amount of power to destroy anything. He can kill 10 million people and start a global nuclear war in the time it takes you to check your e-mail, but getting something like a healthcare bill through the system will involve compromise beyond recognition and the complete bankruptcy of his political capital.

Is America ready to hand out this kind of power to either of the two candidates? Or has the role of President changed to be just a puppet, a spokesperson for Congress?

The presidential race is a long drawn out process that ultimately impacts us all and this time America and ultimately the rest of the world will lose whoever wins.