Project 366 / 292 — Queuing, the doctors and motivation

Why is it that some places you accept that you have to wait, that a queue is perfectly normal and the place you’re at actually provides a waiting room because it’s normal to have to wait? Whereas other places you don’t expect to have to wait and if you do have to you become visibly irritated?

I waited in the doctors this morning for what seemed an unacceptable amount of time, in a room full of people who are unwell, who obviously have various symptoms and are probably suffering. It got me wondering — how long have they lived like that? How long have they suffered and put off going to the doctors to have it looked in to?

Growing up I came from a family who didn’t go to the doctors. Going to the doctors for us was literally a sign of weakness. Not that I was every really unwell. Back when they had manual records I noticed that mine were pretty much non-existent so I asked my doctor if it was a second folder, like the first had been bursting at their seams. He said that mine was one of one and that there were no other records.

I asked my mother about this, stating that my adult records were pretty thin on the ground and that I must have been pretty unwell as a child and as a result had built up a substantial immune system. She told me that I was hardly ever ill as a child and so no, there wouldn’t be many records.

Nowadays I’m no better at going to the doctors. I’ll suffer in silence for ages before taking the time out of my day to go. And as we get older more things ache, hurt or stop working so well. Is this normal? Should it be something that we just simply accept? Or should we be beating the NHS into financial ruin just to appease our weak and feeble bodies?

I think most people need to man up. There’s a lot of problems which a healthy diet and exercise will solve. But I understand how hard it can be to motivate yourself. Just at the moment I’ve got a sore lower back, a niggly knee problem and an inflamed rotator-cuff. Pain for me manifests itself as tiredness so whilst I’m in some discomfort I’m also very tired. The thought of some light exercise, which would begin to make me feel better, is pretty much the last thing from my mind.

Yes getting motivated to exert yourself physically isn’t an easy thing. But as we all know, the first step is inevitably always the hardest.